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Printed: 13 July 2024 7:03 AM

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Build your own Portfolios allows you to easily create and analyse a portfolio of funds in simple 3 steps:

1. Select your Funds

2. Select the investment date for each Fund

3. Enter the investment amount or allocation.

But just Portfolios are easy, it doesn't mean they aren't flexible, or powerful.

You can add, delete and re-weight the funds in your portfolio using the same simple user interface.

You can view and analyse the overall portfolio's performance and risk analytics, or view each of the component fund's performance and risk metrics over various time frames.

Who can use Portfolios?

As long as you are a Lite Subscriber you can create one saved Portfolio with up to 10 funds. Premium Subscribers can create 20 saved portfolios with up to 20 Funds in each.

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