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Hedge Clippings

Hedge Clippings | 23 February 2024
24 Feb 2024 -
This week for a change, Hedge Clippings is going to ignore the Reserve Bank, inflation, interest rates, and even politics, as Barnaby's retired to the bush, and Donald Trump has seemingly even gone quiet as he considers his next legal...
29 Feb 2024 Performance Report: Equitable Investors Dragonfly...
The Equitable Investors Dragonfly Fund returned -2.54% in January. Top contributors included Adveritas and MedAdvisor, while Scout Security and...
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29 Feb 2024 Performance Report: PURE Resources Fund FundMonitors.comv
The PURE Resources Fund returned -0.99% in January, outperforming the S&P/ASX Small Resources TR benchmark by +0.97%. Since inception in May 2021,...
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29 Feb 2024 Just Eat the Marshmallow: Why Wait When Value Is... Redwheel
Self-control's influence on success has been a topic of extensive study, one of the most famous involving four-year-olds, and marshmallows.
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28 Feb 2024 Performance Report: Argonaut Natural Resources...
The Argonaut Natural Resources Fund returned -6.9% in January. Since inception in January 2020, the fund has returned +30.1% per annum, an...
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28 Feb 2024 Global Matters: Gridlock - the vital role of... 4D Infrastructure
In this article, Christopher James (Senior Investment Analyst), analyses the drivers of electricity transmission investment, key challenges,...
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27 Feb 2024 Performance Report: Emit Capital Climate Finance...
The Emit Capital Climate Finance Equity Fund has returned +29.87% per annum since inception in August 2019, an outperformance of +19.43% relative to...
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27 Feb 2024 Australian Secure Capital Fund - Market Update Australian Secure Capital Fund
The November RBA meeting brought the 13th interest rate increase for the cycle, raising rates by 25 basis points, bringing the cash rate to 4.35%....
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26 Feb 2024 Performance Report: Altor AltFi Income Fund
The Altor AltFi Income Fund rose by +0.87% in January. Since inception in April 2018, the fund has returned +11.93% per annum, an outperformance of...
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26 Feb 2024 New Funds on
Here are some of the latest additions to our database. Follow the links to view each fund's profile, where you'll have access to their offer...
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23 Feb 2024 Performance Report: Digital Asset Fund (Digital...
The Digital Asset Fund (Digital Opportunities Class) rose by +3.42% in January. Since inception in May 2021, the fund has returned +23% per annum, an...
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13 Feb 2024 Fund Monitors | Watch List
Using a watchlist gives you access to the most up to date information on the funds that you're most interested in. By adding funds to your watchlist...
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7 Feb 2024 Fund Monitors | Fund Selector Tool's Fund Selector also allows you to filter your search by individual criteria. You can filter by strategy, fund structure, fund size,...
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6 Feb 2024 Magellan Global Quarterly Update Magellan Asset Management
Arvid Streimann discusses investment attributes that led the market in 2023 and key thematics to watch out for in the year ahead, while Nikki Thomas...
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30 Jan 2024 Airlie Quarterly Update - January 2024 Airlie Funds Management
Emma Fisher provides her perspective on how the Australian equity market played out in 2023 and the outlook for the year ahead. Emma also discusses...
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8 Dec 2023 The weight loss drug shaping-up as a gamechanger Magellan Asset Management
The world is awash with news that a drug designed to treat type 2 diabetes has also been approved to help achieve weight loss. Glucagon-like peptide...
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1 Dec 2023 What is AMR and why is it important for Investors? Fidante Partners
In this episode, Charlotte is joined by Moana Nottage from Alphinity Investment Management to discuss her research into Antimicrobial Resistance...
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2 Nov 2023 Airlie Quarterly Update Airlie Funds Management
Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, chats to Airlie's Analysts Joe Wright and Jack McNally about their recent US trip and findings from their discussions...
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30 Oct 2023 Global Quarterly Update Magellan Asset Management
Arvid Streimann discusses recent market volatility and the risks to watch out for, while Nikki Thomas shares her observations from her recent US trip...
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11 Oct 2023 Who will benefit from the energy transition? Magellan Asset Management
Net Zero is not a new ambition for governments and companies, with some sectors like utilities focused on this climate risk for quite some time now. ...
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3 Oct 2023 Webinar Recording 26 September 2023| Getting the...
To help you get a better understanding of the database, watch this webinar recording to help you learn to navigate the database...
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