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Printed: 13 July 2024 6:07 AM

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Managed Fund Selector and Peer Groups - How it works

At the heart of the website is the ability to search, select, review and compare funds, and the best and most effective way to do this is via the fund selector. 

The fund selector provides you a simple interface that allows you to search by peer group, fund manager or by individual funds. The output table provides detailed information on the funds chosen across performance, risk, key information such as fees and investment criteria, research ratings and platform availability.

Each of the columns is able to be sorted and you can add a fund to your watchlist or click through to the individual fund profiles.

Within the fund selector you can also filter your search by strategy, fund structure, fund size and a range of other metrics. Once again this information can be sorted by column to get a more detailed view of particular measurements.

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